“A Life-Changing Novel…From all appearances, Joe Hart's life would seem to be a tragedy. Early in life, he loses his parents, the loving aunt and uncle who raised him, and then his beloved wife and unborn child. And then it's Joe's turn. Diagnosed with incurable cancer, it seems likely that Joe's life will also soon be gone and forgotten.

But, like George Bailey in ‘It's a Wonderful Life,’ Joe has touched a lot of people. In fact, he's radically changed the course of many lives for the better. There's Missy, for instance, a Vegas waitress and wanna-be showgirl who's running from an abusive husband. And there's Johnny, a mentally challenged man washing dishes in a restaurant. Diagnosed as bipolar, Harry is another ‘collectible’ in Joe's life -- as Joe's late wife Marcia called the downtrodden people Joe never failed to lift up.

And then there's Preston. Just as George Bailey saved his little brother Harry from falling through the ice, Joe saves young Preston from a dangerous fall, as well. Many years later, Preston comes knocking on Joe's door for help, having no idea that Joe is the same person who saved him as a child. Now an accomplished lawyer, Joe rescues Preston once again -- this time from bankruptcy and a crumbling marriage -- but not before teaching Preston some very valuable lessons about living a life with meaning.

The Collectibles is the story of a man who makes a difference. But Joe's acts of kindness aren't random acts; they are intentional. Through his own experiences and choices, Joe becomes a great teacher. He dramatically alters the lives of those around him, and his story just may transform your life, too. If you're looking for an inspirational, heart-wrenching novel, look no further than The Collectibles, by James J. Kaufman.”
Susan Heim
Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul: All in the Family

“The Collectibles is a must read. It makes a believer out of us that Angels do walk among us, however most of them are of the corporeal variety...
...This is a novel that everyone should and can read, no matter where you are in your life, no matter the circumstances.
Thank you Mr. Kaufman for the most enjoyable life lesson I’ve ever experienced.” 
Debbie Haupt
Moderator B&N General Fiction Book Club, Board of Directors of Local Library District, Active Reviewer for Library Journal, Mira, Grand Central, Tor and Penguin and select authors

“No matter how different we are, there are always factors to unite us. The Collectibles tells of two individuals, Joe Hart, an orphan and blue-collar worker. Preston Wilson is a man who would never have to work a day in his life if he didn't want to, and the fear of having to makes him have to cut a bargain with Joe. Joe's return favor though, is not one that money can simply solve. The Collectibles is a poignant and thoughtful read, highly recommended."
Midwest Book Review

“...A thoroughly enjoyable work of modern day fiction, The Collectibles triumphs on all counts. The expertly-drawn plot-line will hook you right away and you will find excitement at every turn of the page. Do not miss this one!”
Hamdoon Rashad, www.bookpleasures.com

Night Owl Reviews, Top Pick, www.nightowlreviews.com
“For a debut novel, Mr. Kaufman has outdone himself. This book is nothing short of incredible and extremely heartwarming. I wasn’t too sure about this book when I started it but when I finished it, I was so glad that I had the opportunity to read this outstanding story.

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about this story. By the end, I was in tears. It drew me in emotionally and just wouldn’t let me go. I felt as if I knew these characters and they had become part of my life. Their problems became mine and their issues were real. I was rooting for Preston to see beyond his life and his realities to become a man that you could be proud to call your friend. With the end of this book, I felt as if I had lost a friend and truly felt as if I, as a person, had gained something.”

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